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Full Version: Can older AP communicate with newer MFD?
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I have an older Raymarine ST 8001 autopilot i'm trying to interface with new E125 MFD's. I can connect the devices but have been experiencing interference noise with my radios. I traced the problem to the seatalk connection behind the autopilot head. when I remove the seatalk cable and unplug the network cables from the MFD's radio static goes away. When I plug either one in (seatalk to autopilot or network cable to MFD's), the radio static comes back. Does the ap communicate across both seatalk and network cables?
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Depending upon the model of autopilot course computer installed onboard, it may be possible to interface an older autopilot with the a/c/e/eS/gS-Series MFDs. Please attach a system diagram to a response to this thread identifying the make/model of each of the system's marine electronics devices and how each has been interfaced to the system.
I had two sources of power running to seatalk converter. Problem was fixed when one source of power was removed. Thanks for your reply.
You're welcome.
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