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Full Version: Fuel Used Problem
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I currently have two E127s interfaced with my Yamaha SHO 250 and receiving engine data properly. I set the fuel tank size at 50 gallon and am getting, it appears a proper fuel flow reading but when the boat sits for a while with power off and I turn the units back on all the fuel is showing as consumed even if I only consumed 2 gallons on my last trip.


Thanks in advance.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum bytebass,

How have the Yamaha engines been interfaced to your Raymarine system? Were the engines interfaced via an ECI-100 Engine Gateway, third party engine gateway, or as spur devices directly to the SeaTalkng backbone?

When you set up the Fuel Manager, did you configure the Fuel Manager to perform Fuel Calculations using data from PGN 127497 or from Fuel Flow Rate?
I am unsure...I will check and get back. Which should I use?

Should the engine system / fuel flow monitoring device transmit PGN 127497 (Trip Fuel), then this option should be selected within the MFD's Fuel Manager and the engine system's displays/gauges alone should be used to reset fuel trip fuel data. If not, and only if not, should the Fuel Manager's option to use Fuel Flow Rate for Fuel Calculations be selected. Should one be uncertain about whether the engine system / fuel flow monitoring device transmits PGN 127497, then it is recommended that the engine system / fuel flow monitoring device's documentation or manufacturer be contacted to obtain this information. Alternatively, a NMEA 2000 analyzer (ex. PC interfaced to Actisense NGT-1 w/NMEA Reader software, etc.) be used to examine traffic on the SeaTalkng backbone (MFD(s)'s switched OFF to determine whether PGN 127497 is being transmitted to the backbone.
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