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Full Version: [CA11] RayRemote and Rayviewer
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Now that I have my new Axiom 12 installed it looks like both RayRemote and RayViewer are both have not been updated in some time and appear to lack applicability to my application. They were something that I had thought might be novel and possibly useful but looks like not really.
I am using them with Android. Any thoughts that they will either be update or replaced?
Welcome back to the Raymarine Forum Chis,

The RayControl, RayRemote, and RayView continue to provide remote viewing and control of Raymarine's MFDs running the latest available Raymarine LightHouse II or LightHouse 3 software updates. These applications may be used in conjunction with compatible Android or iPad / iPhone products. Generally speaking, should one be able to download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store, then the app should be compatible with one's mobile device. While it is possible that Raymarine may replace these apps, Raymarine has not yet announced any any plans to do so. Should you have any specific features which you would like to have these or any future Raymarine Mobile Apps perform which are not presently supported by these apps, then please respond accordingly and a corresponding feature request will be logged.
Hi Chuck. As you will see this is my first post on the Raymarine forum.

I am in the market for a new sonar fishfinder and after months of research I finally came to the conclusion that out of all the brands and models on the market, the Element HV 12 was perfectly suited to my needs.

Down Scan, Side Scan, Chirp, RealVision 3D, hi-res screen, single transducer, remote viewing and, in Australia, substantially cheaper than equivalent Humminbird - perfect. That was until a number of retailers told me that the apps you have mentioned do not work with the Element HV multifunction displays. Raymarine’s Australian office has advised me the same, adding that the Element HV range was not intended to have the same capabilities as the Axiom range and specifically told me no apps or mirroring would be likely.

I understand that the Element HV MFDs are running Lighthouse 3 and you have indicated in your post that remote viewing continues to be provided. Is it possible that Australian-delivered Element HV have downgraded capabilities compared to European or U.S. models?

Down Scan, Side Scan, Chirp, 3D are necessities for me, but just as important was multiple viewing locations onboard. Helm and at least the rear fishing deck is essential. After receiving the ‘no go’ on screen mirroring for Apple and Android. I asked a number of questions to determine whether the Element HV MFD could be hard-wired for multiple locations onboard. Specifically I asked whether you could use NMEA connections, such as a 5-way SeaTalk connector to the HV-100 transducer, power supply and 2 or 3 alternate locations for the MFD. I was told ‘no’ because the transducer was not NMEA-compatible. I also asked whether you could run a splitter cable from the transducer to 2 seperate locations onboard. Again I was told ‘no’ and if I wanted those capabilities, I would have to move to the Axiom range.

The Axiom products are substantially more expensive here in Australia. Yes, they have so many advanced features and connectivity options, but other than remote viewing, they are all superfluous to me. An extra A$1700 just to have a remote viewing app on a 12” MFD is out of the question.

I consider the Element HV 12 to be the best allround fishfinder available on the market here in Australia. It would be a shame if I had to eliminate it from my purchase options because Raymarine has apparently decided not to provide a compatible remote viewing app.

Any assistance you or company support staff could render that would confirm the current status of remote viewing on Element HVs (or possible cabling options) would be greatly appreciated.



As specified within my initial response to this thread, use of Raymarine's Mobile Apps is limited to MFDs running the latest available Raymarine LightHouse II or LightHouse 3 software updates. As Element displays run LightHouse Sport rather than LightHouse II or LightHouse 3 software, Element displays would not be among Raymarine's products supporting use of these apps. That said, a feature request will be logged to consider support for Raymarine Mobile Apps within a future LightHouse Sport software update.

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