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Full Version: [CA11] Document suggestion, AR200
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I have a suggestion for the surface mounting template provided with the AR200. Document # 87170-2. Please add the location for the SeaTalk NG cable to exit the bottom of the AR200 when surface mounted. When placing flat on a hardtop, the screw holes are correct, but the placement to allow the cable to pass down through top has to be guessed at. The only accurate way to do it now is drill the STNG [censored] first, assemble AR200 in mount, then drill holes. Then, take it all back apart to seal it up.

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, the AR200 mounting template posted on Raymarine's website appears to show a centrally located spur socket rather than the offset socket which it actually has. A feature request will be generated to update the template to indicate the bow of the boat, the location of the spur socket, and the size of the [censored] to be drilled.
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