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I am interested in buying an Element 9s plotter. However, I wish to feed my 0183 TackTick wind instrument with GPS-data from the plotter (after converting between 0183 and 2000). The TackTick then calculates and presents TWS and TWA from the GPS data.
Question: The plotter manual states that the corresponding NMEA 2000 sentences are "only transmitted to DSC VHF radios when Send GPS to VHF setting is enabled from the GPS/GNSS Settings menu".
Should I take this to mean that GPS data can only be transmitted to VHF and not e.g. to a wind instrument, or that the GPS data can be read by any equipment (conforming to NMEA 2000) but that reading by VHF must be enabled in the plotter menu?
Dear matsev,

Thank you for your post.

This is correct. The NMEA2000 GPS is VHF output only.

Many Thanks
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