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Full Version: [CA11] remote external audible alarm
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goal: remote external audible alarm:

existing primary nework: stng

by adding the folowing equipment will i be able to acomplish my goal?

depth tranduser: st 50 maybe, not sure. 600 watt, depth only, 2 wire w/shield airmar

ray st290 depth pod 22067

st70 mfid

Ray A80614 Seatalk-ng Auxillary Alarm

i am aware that a stng depth pod E22106 is more desirable but i have not been able to locate one.

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Bucky,

Please note that the SeaTalkng Alarm Buzzer has been designed, tested, and is supported for use with i70/i70S MFIDs and MFDs running the latest available LightHouse 3 software. Limited support is offered for MFDs running the latest available LightHouse II software. Details of the alarms supported for the above listed Raymarine products may be found within the Appendices of the SeaTalk Alarm Buzzer Installation Guide.

The SeaTalkng Alarm Buzzer has been designed and tested for use with the products which you have listed and as such would not be supported for use with these products.
thanks again chuck
You're welcome.
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