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Full Version: [CA11] System Upgrade and Integration
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Our current set of electronics is a mix of manufacturers. We have an ST60+ for Wind (along with the Raymarine wind transducer), a Standard Horizon DS45 Depth meter with DST50 transducer, and a knot log (whose brand I can't remember, but has a broken transducer). We also have an ST7000+ Autopilot control unit and a Type 300 autopilot control unit. The chart plotter is a Garmin 741. Radar is a Furuno 1621 Mark 2.

The intent is to keep the autopilot, and upgrade everything else in two phases. The first phase would be to replace the ST60+, the DS45, and knot log with i70s MFDs. I know I need to use the iTC5 for this, but my question is - can I keep the DST50 and the wind transducer, and just add a new speed transducer?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum SableFalcon,

Q. can I keep the DST50 and the wind transducer, and just add a new speed transducer?
A. DST is typically an acronym giving to a transducer supporting depth (D), speed (S), and temp (T). Based upon the images of the DST50 is quite possible that Airmar, Inc. may have produced the instrument transducers for SH as well. It would be recommended that a photograph of the transducer's identification tag be taken and that Gemeco, Inc. (Airmar’s US distributor (803 693 0777)) be contacted for information concerning whether Airmar produced the transducer, and if so, that they provide you with its wiring diagram. Please click here to view a related FAQ.

Should your Raymarine wind transducer have the oval shaped body shown within the photo below, then it may be used with an iTC-5 or i60 Wind instrument.

[Image: wind.jpg]
Thank you for the reply and additional information.

I checked the Airmar website and my depth transducer should be usable. I'll check the wind transducer this weekend.

Looking ahead to my upgrade, I've attached a schematic and am wondering if it will work as shown.

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. As indicated therein, the Type 100/300 course computer is not supported for use with a SeaTalk to SeaTalkng Converter. Unlike Axiom Pro/Axiom XL MFDs, the Axiom MFDs do not feature a NMEA 0183 communications interface. It would typically be recommended that an Actisense NGW-1-ISO-STNG NMEA 0183 to NMEA 2000 Gateway be used to connect the autopilot course computer to the backbone and that the ST7000+ autopilot control head alone be connected to the autopilot course computer's SeaTalk communications interface. The backbone within your diagram is in need of a spur socket to accommodate a SeaTalkng Power Cable. Should you already own the i70 MFIDs, then the daisy chain shown is acceptable. The best installation practice, and only method supported by the i70S MFIDs, would require that the i70/i70S MFIDs each be installed as individual spurs to the backbone rather than daisy chained as shown within your diagram. Finally, the diagram should additionally show that the Axiom MFD will be powered via its supplied Power/NMEA 2000 Cable.
Hello Chuck,

I believe I've made the changes you suggested. Please see attached.

Thanks again for all your help.

Your latest diagram appears to be correct.
Hello Chuck

Thanks again for your help. It's much appreciated.
You're welcome.
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