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Full Version: [DG11] AIS targets with out radar on Axiom Pro
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I have a Axiom pro and Standard Horizon GX1600 VHF. I have connected the two using the MNEA 183 from the Axiom power cord. I have GPS data from the Axiom to the VHF. I have set up my MMSI number in the VHF.
My issue is I want to see AIS targets on my Axom but cant figure out how to do that with out Radar.
Thanks for your input.
Hi Howard,

AIS targets are generated through an AIS receiver, this is completely different to radar technology and so you can purchase and AIS receiver, this can be connected through an Active splitter to most good quality VHF antenna, ( provided they have the correct frequency rating) and then the receiver outputs its data through NMEA2000 or NMEA0183 (High baud rate 38400) to the AXIOM PRO. The AXIOM PRO will then display AIS targets overlaid on the chart screen.

Check this link here for more information.


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