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Full Version: [CA11] Micro SD to CF card adaptor
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Paid out on a SD to CF card convertor,
copied files from my Navionics Card to the SD but no joy.
My old card works OK but I wanted a copy for my flybridge.
Cant see why if wont work, showing all files on the SD exactly the same as the original CF card. HELP !!!
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Robinstall,

The data encryption utilized by Navionics, as well as most other electronic cartography developers, prohibit such copies to be used. The Navionics cartography will only be used by marine electronics and compatible navigational software applications when read from the original Navionics chart card. Accordingly, one should not expect that they should produce a copy of the chart card's files, save them to another memory, and then have a Raymarine product utilize Navionics charts from the copy. The A62311 Raymarine Cartography Adapter may be used with Navionics+ chart cards after having used the Navionics Chart Installer computer application to erase the chart card's contents and then re-populate the Navionics+ chart card with no more than 2GB of cartography.
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