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Full Version: [CA11] Axiom to legacy SeaTalk ST6002 AP and SL70 Radar
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Planning to upgrade to an Axiom 9 with my old(!) SL70 Radar and ST 6002 autopilot and looking to confirm my expectations. The system I'm planning is:

Axiom 9 RV w/ dual RV-220 transducers

RMK-10 keypad

RCR SD Card reader

E22158 SeaTalk to SeaTalkng converter

ST6002 Autopilot controller/course computer/fluxgate sensor

SL70 Radar (both AP and radar connected via the original SeaTalk1 bus, which would connect to the E22158)

I'm hoping to have full interface functionality between the Axiom MFD and ST6002 AP. For the SL70 Radar, I'm hoping that it can share numerical data with the system (heading, GPS, cursor position, etc.) via the legacy SeaTalk protocol messages. Does this sound like it will work with these devices? Thanks so much!
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What model of autopilot course computer the ST6002 presently interfaced to?
Hi Chuck - Its an S1 Smart Pilot (Type 1 hydraulic drive) circa 2006. The radar is actually an SL72 (circa 1998).

Thanks for the additional information. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. As specified therein, the MFD will be interfaced to a spur socket within the powered and properly terminated SeaTalkng / NMEA 2000 backbone. An A06075 / 39.4in (1.0m) SeaTalkng Spur to DeviceNet (F) may be used to interface the MFD's NMEA 2000 communications interface to a spur socket within the backbone. The second SeaTalk port of the S1 may be used to connect the autopilot course computer and SL70 to the SeaTalk (yellow) port of the SeaTalk to SeaTalkng Converter.

Finally, please note that Axiom/Axiom Pro/Axiom XL MFDs have not been designed and tested for use within systems which additional feature hsb/hsb2/SL Pathfinder Series Displays ... officially, this is an unsupported configuration. It is possible that, as with some past MFD designs, for the hsb/hsb2/SL Pathfinder Series Display to not cancel navigation within the hsb/hsb2/SL Pathfinder Series Display when navigation has been cancelled within the Axiom/Axiom Pro/Axiom XL MFD.
Thanks so much Chuck! Looking forward to putting it together.
You're welcome.
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