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Full Version: transducer ? cp450c upgraded to cp470
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My CP450C was upgraded to the CP470 and want to make sure the existing transducer (B265LH) will connect with with no issues. I am assuming they have the same transducer connection. Thanks in advance, Craig
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Transducers designed for use with a CP450C are plug and play compatible with a CP470 or CP570.
Great. Thanks for response. Actually just got it in the boat and hooked up. It appears the sonar is sounding and have depth, but my screen is blue and says selected sounder is unavailable. I am in the process of downloading the updated software to see if this helps, but wanted to post the ?. I have a trip planned in the morning and hoping to get this working. Thanks in advance. Craig

It is recommended that you verify that both the MFD as well as the CP470 have been updated with the latest available Raymarine product software updates.
All is working well. Thanks for the feedback.
You're welcome.
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