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Full Version: Gs165 connection to SeatalkHs
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We are replacing our (2) e140w's with (2) Gs165's. We have a CP370 (D/S) and a VCM 100 (Radar) operating on the Seatalk Hs network. And an ACU 400 (auto pilot), St70+ keypad and display on the Seatalk NG network. The two networks (HS and NG) used to integrate through the e140's (one cable from each network to the e140) We want to integrate the two systems again, but the Gs165 only has one NG port.
How do you connect the two networks? Can you connect the HS network switch directly to a 5-way NG connector using the A62360 Adaptor Cable?
Hello Tinacious,

STNG and Raynet/STHS are very different networks and are not designed to be connected directly together. Don't try to do so. They do different jobs.

The gS-series use a different (better) connector for the STHS data, so you just need an A80160 STHS to Raynet adaptor cable for each of the gS165s so that they can connect into the E140W's old STHS cables.

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