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Full Version: [TG11] Multi function display problem
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After a 12 month break from sailing due to injury l was preparing to make the 1640 N mile hop down to Darwin. When l switch on my Raymarine Eseries plotter the lower half of the screen is blank, the upper half is white with some pale yellow details showing.....
From memory l pushed screen buttons and could see changes occurring but it was unusable for navigating. Any suggestions?
The unit is six years old. It is mounted inside the cabin near the chart table.
Hello David,

At 6 years old that sounds like it's probably the 3rd-generation e-Series (touchscreen, no buttons along the bottom edge of the LCD: e7, e7D, e95, e97, e125 or e127.) The sort of problem isn't common in that generation of display, but it sounds like you might perhaps have a poor contact between the CPU board and the LCD module, or a CPU board fault. Where is the boat? That will give us an idea what to suggest.

Tom, thanks for getting back to me.
The unit is an e7 series no bottom buttons.
My boat is in Darwin Australia at present having just returned from the Philippines.
Hello David,

I'd get Wheelhouse Marine, our Service Dealer there, to take a look, or we have a service dealer here in Sydney, Aquatronics, who specialises in service of that generation of products. You can get both of their contact details by ticking 'Certified Installation' on our Dealer Locator.

Thanks Tom, I'll drop the unit in to them as soon as l can get over to Wheelhouse Marine.
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