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Full Version: [DG11] Element 7s GPS range?
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Im just wondering about if I will receive gps signal on an element 7s chart plotter out on the North Sea? Do I need a chart plotter with an antenna up in the mast?
Best regards Fritjof
Hi Fritjof,

Thankyou for your enquiry,

The Element can receive a GPS position pretty much anywhere in the world, the polar regions would be a challenge though. The use of an external GPS antenna is only recommended when the Element is mounted in a position onboard a boat where it receives a poor GPS signal, for example below decks or near equipment which interferes with GPS reception.

The handbooks give good advice with regards to location too.


Thank you for the reply!

Would the elements 7s be recommended for long distance sailing? Does it have some critical missing features from other more expensive raymarine chart plotters that makes it not suitable for long distance sailing?

Best regards Fritjof
Dear Frijof321,

Thank you for your post.

Are you likely to be crossing Oceans? What other products will you have on the vessel?

What is the vessel type?

The Element is a trimmed version of lighthouse from the Axiom. It has limited connectivity and data displays.

I think this decision is to be made from necessary tools you need whilst offshore sailing.

Many Thanks
Thank you for the reply! I have a small sailing boat (25foot) and I only intend to use the chart plotter for navigation. I intend to cross the North Sea from Norway to England which takes about 5 days and I’m therefore looking for a suitable chart plotter.
Best regards fritjof
Hi fritjof

Thankyou for the background,

The Element 7s would be suitable, however, it has quite a small screen for night time sailing, you may prefer to consider the Element 9s - but we suggest you check out the AXIOM 9 on the Raymarine website to fully compare the features of the two displays.

Element s


Thank you so much!
Hi Fritjof

Thanks - You're welcome


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