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Full Version: [CA11] Changing Engine Date parameters ES127
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Hello I have two ES127 as a factory install on a 2017 Boston Whaler 315.

I have repowered from the original Verado 6 cylinder 300s to the new V8 300s. I have upgraded the VesselView7 to the VesselView 703 and VesselView Link module.

The VesselView is working properly. The data is showing up properly on the Raymarine ES127s.

The issue I have is the redline, or normal operating parameters for oil pressure on the Raymarine Engine Data page are still set for the older Inline6 Verados. When operating the V8s the engine oil pressure will be in the red-zone on the Raymarine MFD, as the red-zone is still set to that of the Inline6 parameters.

I do not see anywhere in the ES127 to change the limits for that screen or those gauges. When I spoke to Boston Whaler they said that their units ship from Raymarine already populated with their splash screens and the parameters for the motors already loaded.

Q1. Is there any way to change these settings for range / redline / red-zone on the Raymainre engine data monitoring page on the ES127s?

Q2. Do you have a new 'personality file' for Boston Whaler with the new V8 300s in case the answer to Q1 is 'no'?

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum BCI,

Generally speaking, providing updated digital switching files to accommodate changes a vessel's equipment would not be supported.

That said, our specialist in digital switching systems asked the following questions in the off chance that we may already have the digital switching files which you may need:

1) Which specific model of Boston Whaler is owned (ex. Conquest, Realm, Outrage ... this is very important?

2) What is the Hull ID # ... running changes are made so some models may have different config files)?

3) In addition to the eS127 MFD, are any additional Raymarine MFDs installed onboard?

4) Which version of software is currently installed on within the Raymarine MFDs?

5) Does your boat feature digital switching? If so, is it equipped with a C-Zone or Empirbus digital switching system?
Hello Chuck,

A1. 2017 Boston Whaler 315 Conquest
A2. BWCE0044F617
A3. There is one ES127 and one ES128 on the boat.
A4. V19.03-00036 on both MFDs.

Boat was originally provided with 2017 Verado 300hp 6 cylinder outboards. Boat has since been repowered with 2019 Verado 300 V8 outboards.

Thank you.

Was the vessel equipped with a digital switching system? If not, then engine red line and RPM range may be configured by:
1) opening the Data application
2) scrolling through the Data application's panels to view the Engine panel
3) command the Max RPM Range (MENU->DATA SET-UP->MAX RPM RANGE) to match that of the engines
4) command the RPM Red Zone (MENU->DATA SET-UP->RPM RED ZONE->MANUAL) to match that of the engine red zone
Hi Chuck,

There is no digital switching on the boat.


Please refer to my last response, which addressed how to configure RPM Range and RPM Red Zone configuration settings within system lacking a digital switching system.
Thank you Chuck,

The RPM red zone is not the one I am trying to change. It is the OIL PRESSURE red line / warning line on the Raymarine Engine Data page that needs to be adjusted.

I attach a picture for your reference;

LightHouse II software did not feature an oil pressure red zone configuration setting.
OK - I understand. Thank you very much for your help on this topic.

You're welcome.
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