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Full Version: [CA11] SPLITTER FOR AIS - VHF Active or Passive?
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I have an AIS 650 Class B TRANSCEIVER that will not get out of silent mode. I have been told by a Raymarine recommended electrician that the problem is my VHF antennae splitter should be Active [hooked to a DC power source] rather than the Passive one installed. He also said that these Active Splitters for this AIS are not made anymore. Does anyone have one or can you tell me where to find one . AND Does this sound right ? THANK YOU FOR ANY HELP
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Alterboy,

Please note that when a VHF antenna is shared between an AIS350/650 and a VHF radio, a Class B AIS Antenna Splitter must be installed. Failure to do so may result in damage to the receiver section of the AIS350/650 and/or VHF radio. While Raymarine no longer offers a Class B AIS Antenna Splitter because the AIS700 features a built in antenna splitter, third party Class B AIS antenna splitters (ex. Digital Yacht SPL2000, etc.) are available in the market.

Please additionally note that installation of a Class B AIS Antenna Splitter would have no effect upon Silent Mode state of an AIS650. Should an AIS650 remain in silent mode:

- verify that the AIS650 has been updated with the latest available Raymarine product software update.

- verify that the AIS650 has not simultaneously been interfaced to the system via its NMEA 0183 and SeaTalkng communications interfaces.

- verify that the AIS650's Silent Mode leads do not create a closed circuit. Any exposed conductors of these leads should be clipped off and the leads should then be insulated to prevent shorting.
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