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Full Version: [CA11] Only some AIS contacts displaying on Axiom 12
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Good morning,
I very recently installed a new Axiom 12 MFD and Quantum 2 Doppler radar to replace my old C120 system.
My AIS system is an Simrad AI50 Class B with Simnet 2000 cable spliced to STNg which is connected through STNg converter to MFD.
My problem is perplexing and I hope you can help. My AIS displays all AIS targets on its screen but only the large commercial contacts are displayed on the Axiom MFD and not all contacts in range. Is there a configuration setting that I need to make for all AIS targets to display.
Would appreciate any help you can provide.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Paul,

Please ensure that the MFD has been updated with LightHouse 3 v3.11.42, that following the software update, a Power ON Factory Reset Procedure has been performed to the MFD, and that the MFD's settings be manually reconfigured, rather than restored from a saved settings file.

For those in AIS target rich environments, please note that MFDs running LightHouse 3 and LightHouse II software will only track the 100 targets in closest proximity to one's vessel. The AIS Settings tab of the Targets menu may be used to control whether All AIS targets, Enhanced AIS targets, Dangerous Targets, Buddies, or Static AIS targets are displayed. It would accordingly be recommended that the AIS settings tab be examined to ensure that all AIS targets are have been configured to be displayed. More information on this subject may be found within the AIS Settings section of Chapter 8.6 Target tracking of the LightHouse 3.11 Advanced Operation Instructions.
Thanks for the quick response. I have verified the software and completed the factory reset of my MFD and also verified the AIS settings as you recommended but the AIS results are still the same. I am only receiving commercial AIS contacts. Any other thoughts on resolving this issue.

Please note that we are unaware of any similar reports with other third party AIS products. It is recommended that you verify that the third party AIS has been updated with the latest available software from its manufacturer. If so and the problem persists, then it would appear that is an issue with either the NMEA 2000 PGNs being transmitted by the third party AIS product or with the processing of these PGNs by the MFD. Should the third party AIS product have been updated with the latest available software and should the problem persist, then it would be recommended that approximately 10 minutes of received NMEA 2000 be recorded (HOME->SETTINGS->NETWORK->DIAGNOSTICS->NMEA DEVICES & MESSAGES->NMEA MESSAGES; RAW DATA->ENABLE; START RECORDING) and that the resulting NMEA 2000 log file be attached to this thread for further analysis.
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