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Full Version: [LW11] Element HV and external monitor?
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Does Element HV support external display via WiFi or BLE? (like iPad/IoS)
Dear hrokka2112,

Thank you for your post.

Currently the Element does not support wireless connectivity to an external display. I am happy to put this forward to the product manager as a feature request, this can be reviewed as a potential future release.

Many Thanks
Thanks Louise

I’m looking product for my favorite hobby, Nautical Maritime Archealogy. I feel external monitor is a key feature.

Also ability to save map with gps position would be nice when we find something interesting. You should put this to roadmap as well.
How often there is new software releases for Element HV?
I wonder if external display via WiFi is available for 2020 season.

Best regards

Dear hrokka2112,

This is still under review with the product managers and I cannot currently give a time frame.

We do not have a frequency for software updates for Lighthouse 2, new releases will be available for new features and fixes but with no time frame.

Many Thanks
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