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Full Version: [CA11] Radar Mounts
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Is there any reason not to use a Scanstrut LMM-1 self-leveling radar mount with the Quantum 2? It looks like the [censored] patterns and distances are the same and that there is room for the radome in the throat of the mount. And, Scanstrut claims it will fit. Looking for a Raymarine response before I buy the Quantum 2. Thank you.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Jim,

It is certainly possible to utilize a self-leveling mount with a Quantum 2 radome. According to the information on ScanStrut's website, it appears that ScanStrut's Plate #1 option matches the bolt pattern of Raymarine's Quantum/Quantum 2 radomes. Questions regarding whether the Quantum/Quantum 2 radome (they use the same shell) will fit the mount should be addressed to ScanStrut (or other mount manufacturer), as Raymarine does not test third party mounting products.
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