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Full Version: [CA11] Axiom 12, P70s, SeaTalkn and Airmar DX900 MultiLog
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I have an Axiom 12, a P70s, and am assembling a SeaTalkng system and would like to know what issues I would encounter in connecting an Airmar DX-900+ Multilog S/D/T NMEA 2000 sensor. This is similar to a query by ricevitt but my components are slightly different. Thank you for your help.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Jim,

While the Raymarine products may utilize and repeat data from the Airmar DX-900+ Multilog S/D/T NMEA 2000 sensor, they would be unable at this time to calibrate, apply offsets, and configure alarms associated with data from this sensor. Calibration and application of offsets would need to be configured in the manner specified by Airmar ... which I believe involves using their WeatherCaster software or a similar Airmar software product.
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