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Full Version: [CA11] S100 remite behaviour when batteries are empty
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I'm using a S100 remite with my SPX30 autopilot. It works fine and it's for me a very important accessory as the head control is at the chart table. So, in the cockpit, I'm only using the S100 to adjust the pilot at the helm.
However, the remote has a behaviour that does not sound logic to me when batteries are getting empty. It quickly displays a "low battery" message along with a hip and when it shutdowns, it puts the autopilot in stand by. This leads sometimes to crazy situations, especially in high wind.
Even if I put the pilot in Auto more on the pilot head control, it still has the same behaviour. For me, it's not correct as it is only a "slave" in the system
Is there a way to adjust it, any workaround ?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Korrigan,

Please indicate the make/model of batteries which you are using with the S100.
I'm using rechargeable Panasonic Enelop batteries.

I believe that the symptom which you have described is associated with the discharging characteristics of the rechargeable batteries. The S100 is not designed for use with rechargeable batteries. As indicated within the S100 Basestation and Wireless Controller Installation Instructions, when replacing, use only high-quality alkaline, AAA size batteries. Should you replace the rechargeable batteries with high quality alkaline batteries and find similar issues, then it would be recommended that the S100 wireless controller be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced.
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