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Full Version: [CA11] RayRemote connnected but does not Control
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I have an Axiom 9, purchased Dec., 2019. I have RayView and RayRemote apps set up on my iPhone 6s. The RayView works fine on my phone. The RayRemote is configured to Control, not Viewer. The iPhone shows the MFD screen just like RayView, but does not allow Control, which lets me know everything is linked together.

How to troubleshoot, what might be wrong?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum wjj,

While RayRemote may be operated on an iPhone or Android smartphone, it would typically be used when watching a TV / monitor which in turn was repeating the MFD's screen image. RayRemote will either display the MFD's screen image or a simulated MFD keyboard / UniController. RayRemote will respond to interaction with the apps simulated MFD keyboard / UniController ... in a similar manner to how one's TV remote would respond to changing TV channels. Unlike RayControl, RayRemote is not designed to support touchscreen functionality. If seeking the latter, then it would be recommend that one obtain an iPad or Android tablet and utilize the RayControl app.
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