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Full Version: [CA11] depth info integration between LH2 and LH3
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I have an a127 at my main nav station and bought an Axiom 7 to use at my aft steering station. I understand that it is not possible to integrate these fully via ethernet, but all I am looking to get is the depth info from the A127 to the Axiom: Is there any way to do this, even if it is via NMEA 0183?
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Unlike the Axiom Pro & Axiom XL MFDs, the Axiom MFDs do not feature a NMEA 0183 communications interface. It is recommended that these MFDs each be interfaced as a spur to a powered and properly terminated SeaTalkng / NMEA 2000 backbone to permit them to share numerical depth data (not to be confused with fishfinder feautures).
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