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Full Version: [CA11] Mercury vesselview mobile question
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Hi everyone! I'm a new Raymarine Axiom 9 owner. Purchased a new unit from basspro here in Ontario Canada and have yet to install it on my boat. But my question is, I understand the Axiom 9 has the capability to add custom apps on the unit via SD card transfer. That being said, is it possible for me to download the mercury vesselview mobile app on the Axiom and connect it to my mercury optimax via their bluetooth dongle to display all the engine parameters on the MFD? This would be an absolutely perfect way to utilize the bluetooth functionality of both the Axiom and Vesselview dongle together. Thanks for the help, looking forward to reading the replies.
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Q1. is it possible for me to download the mercury vesselview mobile app on the Axiom?
A1. Negative. LightHouse 3 software for Axiom/Axiom Pro/Axiom XL MFDs exclusively supports installation and execution of the apps found on Raymarine's LightHouse Apps web page. A feature request will be submitted to consider Mercury's VesselView mobile app to be included within future LightHouse apps.

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Thank you for the reply. I think this feature would be a great addition to the software capabilities. Hopefully the developers can make this happen in the future. I was going to still order the vesselview smartcraft dongle to use on my phone and I will keep an eye on the software updates for my Axiom. Looking forward to getting out on the water with a quality fishfinder and chart. Thanks Chuck!
You're welcome.
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