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Full Version: [CA11] AIS & VHF less reception after upgrade
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Hi - I had a lightening surge that affected my old system - C80 chartplotter and some of the seatalkng network . The AIS700 worked fine, so kept that linked.
I replaced the system including an Axiom 9 and also put in a new Ray63 VHF (old one was the Ray215)
Now my reach area for both the AIS and VHF is considerably less that before. I understand all about the aerial Mhz and height etc, but it's only the radio and chartplotter that changed the reception and TX on the radio. Would this radio perhaps draw more power, causing the problem?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Steven,

It is recommended that the VHF antenna & cable assembly's VSWR be tested. If found to be greater should have a VSWR between 1.0:1 - 2.0:1, then it would be recommended that the antenna be replaced. It is also possible that damage to the AIS700's antenna splitter may have resulted from the lightning strike. Should no fault be found with the antenna & cable assembly, then it would be recommended that the AIS700 be sent to Raymarine's Product Repair Center to be bench tested / serviced with the note that the AIS700 had been installed when the lightning strike occurred.
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