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Full Version: [CA11] Help connecting HD radome and GPS
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I would like to get some guidance in connecting an HD 24” radar and an RS150 GPS to a gs165 MFD.

long story short, my father purchased a gs165 MFD, RS150 & a HD 24 digital radar in 2018 before he received a bad diagnosis. The units were never installed. As he is recovering now, I would like to get those units installed on the boat so that he may have the opportunity to use them this spring/summer. I would like to get these things installed the sooner the better if you know what I mean.

Trying to schedule an electronic tech for anytime soon is impossible where we are. Moreover, they said that they don’t cut into the dash to install stuff, they would just connect cables that I need to provide. Since I am handy and have dealt with motorhome systems, solar panels and camera installations, I thought I would give it a go. I apologize in advance for my lack of proper terminology.

The boat currently has an old Furuno Radar (I took it off yesterday as I believe it was not working right) and a 7” old Garmin chart plotter with its own GPS. I see an old Robertson autopilot and 2 VHF radios among other minor things.

I read the gs165 manual and I understand that the card reader is a direct connection. Straightforward. The power/video/NMEA 0183 dongle should be doable.. it’s fused and connect to the breaker panel.

My question is do I need a network switch to connect the Radar and GPS. Or is there a direct connection cable from these peripherals, so to speak, to the gs165? Also, I read on this site that a VMxxxx is needed for the Radar power connection?

I ordered a few Raymarine cables.. spurs and terminators and bits and pieces. But I am unsure on what other cables I need to bring things together.

I would like to eventually get him a new Autopilot but first I need to figure out what steering pump this boat has to order the right autopilot. The boat an older 1991 with 2 x 3208 Caterpillars.

So I am starting with the RADAR and GPS installation..

Sorry for the long post. I would greatly appreciate any tips, ideas or guidance.

God Bless
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Greenwood,

An A80227 5m, A80228 10m, A80229 15m, or A80230 25m Digital Radar Cable may be used to interface one of the MFD's Ethernent (RayNet) Network sockets the RD418HD radome. This cable features power leads which should be interfaced to a dedicated 12VDC or 24VDC switched power circuit. A VCM100 is not used in conjunction with radomes.

A powered and properly terminated SeaTalkng / NMEA 2000 backbone having a sufficient number of spur (white) sockets to accommodate each device (MFD and Raystar 150 GPS Sensor are the only items which you have listed) which will be interfaced to the backbone. The gS-Series MFD will be interfaced to the backbone via an appropriate length of SeaTalkng Spur Cable.
Thank you so much Chuck. That’s very kind of you to simplify the installation. I did order several connections and will jump on the installation right away.

Thank you again
You're welcome.
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