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Full Version: [CA11] Quantum Radar - send for repair or not?
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I have a four year old Quantum radar that has failed. It no longer connects via WiFi or RayNet. I have followed the FAQ in this forum and numerous system and factory resets on the Axiom MFD. All software was at latest version and working well for months prior to the issue. Raymarine technical support advised to send it to New Hampshire for service. I have been trying to get advice from Raymarine by phone on whether it is worth sending it back versus discarding and purchasing a new radar - no responses yet, but this forum has always been great.

I have the following options for out of warranty repair:
$90 - ship it for evaluation
$900 - fixed price repair

We are currently in the Caribbean, so add another $300+ for shipping both ways to end up with a four year old radar with no warranty for $1200. I would welcome your thoughts on repair or not, and if not, whether the Quantum 2 features are a valuable $400 upgrade over another Quantum Radar.


SV Mojito
Currently St Martin
Welcome back to the Raymarine Forum Tim,

New radomes carry a three year warranty when registered within the first 30 days. Radomes repaired by Raymarine's Product Repair Centers carry the greater of a six month warranty or the balance of their normal warranty. With regard to repair vs replace, this indeed a close call, particularly when considering a Quantum 2 radome. When interfaced to a Quantum 2 radome, a MFD running LightHouse II software will provide the same radar features that would be provided had the MFD been interfaced to a Quantum radome. However, eS/gS-Series MFDs may be updated with LightHouse 3 v3.11.42 software and will in turn support the Doppler Radar features of the Quantum 2 radomes. The most valuable of these features is automatic coloring of moving targets (red for those having a relative motion toward your vessel and green for those having a relative motion away from your vessel). This feature can reduce operator interaction with the MFD's radar features and provided enhanced situational awareness. I personally favor the Quantum 2 solution.
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