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Full Version: [CA11] Compatibility
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I am considering an Axiom 12 MFD to replace my aging electronics. My current electronics are circa 1997 vintage. My transducer is connected to a Raytheon V850 color echo sounder that will be eliminated. I am planning to have my boat hauled next year to replace the transducer along with some other maintenance issues.
My question is will my current transducer connect to the new Axiom 12 just to give me depth readings until I can have the proper transducer installed? If not, then will a Raymarine ST60 display work with the transducer?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Loujo,

While the V850's transducer cannot be adapted to support an Axiom MFD's fishfinder features, there is a possibility that it may instead be interfaced to an instrument. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. As this is a very old transducer design, no guarantees may be made.
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