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Full Version: [DG11] RAY60 NMEA183-input, no GPS-data
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Hello to the specs

I have a problem connecting a RAY60 to a NMEA-183 output to receive GPS data.
The RAY60 has already been tested and works perfectly via STng, but does not receive GPS data via the NMEA183 input.

The NMEA183 source is a Shipmodul MPX-3 multiplexer that sends the GLL, RMC and GGA datasets at 4800/8 / n / 1.
The data was tested with the OpenCPN software and works very well.

In the attachment you will find a short log file with the sent records.

Hope someone can help me solve the problem.

best regards from Ruegen Island,

Dear Peanpe,

Thank you for your post.

Are you connecting to STng and NMEA0183 simultaneously?

Please send in a system diagram for me to look at.

Many Thanks
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