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I have a 240 VHF connected to my GS165. The VHF lists my MMSI number but I'm guessing I need a separate AIS receiver in order to view AIS on the GS165? How does this work? Anyone got a diagram?
Welcome back to the Raymarine Forum safeandsoundinc,

In order for the MFD to plot and track AIS targets for collision avoidance purposes, the system must be interfaced to an AIS receiver (ex. AIS350, RAY73, RAY91, etc.), AIS Class B transceiver (ex. AIS700, etc.), or AIS Class A transceiver (ex AIS4000, AIS5000, etc.). Within systems featuring a powered and properly terminated SeaTalkng / NMEA 2000 backbone, the AIS device will simply be interfaced to an available spur socket within the backbone. More information concerning AIS receivers and transceivers may be found on Raymarine's AIS product web pages as well as within the installation / users guides (the latter for Class A transceivers) for these AIS products. Additional information concerning AIS / collision avoidance features within a MFD running LightHouse II software may be found within Chapter 8.6 Target tracking and Chapter 8.7 Collision avoidance of the LightHouse 3.11 Advanced Operation Instructions.
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