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Full Version: [CA11] Chromebook Interface with Axiom 9
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I have purchased an Axiom Chromebook for home and boat use. My plan is to use the Chromebook as a repeater in the salon. Is there any compatibility issue? I'm running Navionics with all new Raymarine products: radar, ais, autopilot.
Thanks in advance for you help.
Bristol 41.1
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Peter,

Raymarine offers the RayView, RayRemote, and RayControl mobile apps for Android smartphones and tablets as well as for iPhones and iPads. However, Raymarine has not produced app for notebooks and tablets. The Google Playstore is designed to verify the attributes of the product before permitting one to download an app. Have you determined whether the Google Playstore permits the RayView and/or RayControl app to be downloaded directly to your Chromebook?
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