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Full Version: [LW11] Independent use of Raymarine Power Pilot Keypad E22118
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Hello Raymarine forum.

My current set is: E7 MFD connected with STng<->ST1 converter to ST2000+ autopilot. Additionally there is A65 touchscreen MFD (not yet installed). There is also ST80 wind instrument and ST40 depth instrument (with transducer) connected to ST1 bus. There is wind, weather and AIS data coming in from STng<->NMEA0183 converter.

I was offered to buy Raymarine Power Pilot Keypad E22118 - keypad only, with very cheap price.
As I understand it connects to STng bus and is probably meant to work together with ST70+ display.

And here is my question:
Can I use this keypad autonomously with my current setup to send course adjustment commands (auto, stand by, track, +/- degrees) to my autopilot? Would it work? Does it send out universal autopilot commands? Will my ST2000+ or E7 will understand anything that the keypad says?
Dear zbxzbx,

Thank you for your post.

The ST70+ pilot control head is not compatible with the ST2000 pilot and only for use with the ST70+ range.

Many Thanks
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