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Full Version: Scanner will not start without help at beginning of season
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I have an RL 70 pathfinder radar (18"). For two years in a row when I have connected the mfd the scanner was not detected. After going up the mast and giving it a spin it began to work fine. The motor or shaft seems to have gotten stuck over the winter. Is there a way to prevent this? Should i be starting the radar once a month or once a week?
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While we're glad to learn that the radome is working again, the symptom reported is most often the result of low power. When such situations are suspected, it is generally recommended that the vessel be connected to shore power, that its batteries be permitted to fully charge, an that afterwards and while still connected to shore power that the radar be tested again. Should the radome be supplied with power which is within its operating range, then the reported symptom would be indicative of a motor which is in the initial stages of failure. Raymarine has not specified performing any actions other than to ensure that radome is properly powered and that it's array rotates freely when such issues occur. No periodic recommendation to rotate the array has been specified as you have suggested.
I had checked the power. Batts were fully charged and engine was running. It has worked fine every day now since. This was the same as last year. I am located in canada where we have rather severe winters with big changes in temperature. Next winter I plan to fire it up at least once a month.
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