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Full Version: [CA11] A06070 Right Angle Power Connector
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I have a very tight space behind the cockpit's cabin bulkhead for a simple non-networked installation of the i50 series Speed or Tridata indicators on my sailboat. I just need to connect only a power cable which appears to be bulky. Transducer/sensor connections are spade lugs and don't require much if any space off the back of the indicator.

What are the connected dimensions and clearance needed for this A06070 right angle power cable, when connected to an i50 device? The i50 manual in sec. 3.6 only provides product and cable dimensions for this device seemingly when connected to a straight spur or power cable.

Alternatively could I use an A06077 right angle STng connector with the straight A06049 power cable to accomplish the same power connection? any help greatly appreciated!
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Peter,

The mounting depth of the i50, i60, and i70 instruments (measured from the flange to the top of the SeaTalkng spur socket locking ring) is approximately 32mm. For the i70S, this measurement is slightly smaller at approximately 30mm. The A06081 SeaTalkng Right Angle Spur and A06070 Right Angle Power Connector adds add approximately 22mm to the mounting depth for a total mounting depth of approximately 54mm.
Thanks Chuck!! This 54mm depth you quote is approximately a savings of some 11mm, or about 7/16 inch, over a 65mm mounting depth using the straight power connector, per the drawing in sec 3.6 of the manual for the i50 Series! Critical for me, which makes my installation now entirely possible.

And should I decide to network my installation to feed SOG to the i50 Speed instrument, I'll thus have room to add the Right Angle Spur which provides both power and signal info from a SeaTalkng network, disconnecting the Right Angle Power connector from the instrument and using it to provide power through the network. My friendly Defender Marine in Connecticut has special ordered the A06070 Right Angle Power Connector directly from Raymarine, as nowhere could I find a dealer who stocks it. Many thanks again and be safe.
You're welcome.
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