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Full Version: [CA11] Axiom pro cover upgrade
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I recently purchased an axiom pro rvx and an axiom RV. After a few uses with the axiom pro rvx the cover does not want to stay on. The rubber , while thick, is extremely flexible and almost loose to the point where the cover just "wet noodles" off the MFD. Went to boat today and found it on floor. Meanwhile the axiom RV I have has a nice hard shell cover that pops perfectly into place with no issues! Please please tell me you have a replacement cover of some sort as I'm afraid that the MFD is going to be damaged with direct sunlight hours of the day with a cover that falls off. I'm willing to buy one!
Welcome back to the Raymarine Forum Mleads310,

We're sorry to learn of your dissatisfaction of your Axiom Pro MFD's suncover. We don't often receive negative feedback regarding these suncovers Should your Axiom Pro MFD be a 9" or 12" display, then please note that the chassis for the eS9x MFDs and eS12x MFDs is identical to that of the Axiom Pro 9 MFDs and Axiom Pro 12 MFDs respectively. The eS-Series MFDs feature a flexible plastic cover rather than the rubber cover supplied with the Axiom Pro MFDs. The part numbers for these covers follow:
- R70382 eS9x MFD suncover
- R70386 eS12x MFD suncover

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing addressing pricing and availability of Raymarine parts.
Chuck thank you! I'm ordering the cover to replace the one I have now on my axiom pro rvx 12. I honestly liked it at first, but if it doesn't stay on I have to replace it in fear of damaging the MFD.
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