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Full Version: [LW11] connecting simrad AP20
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How can I connect my Simrad autopilot to the Axiom Pro S 16?
Dear Johnny,

Thank you for your post.

Does the Pilot have NMEA0183 connections? I believe this is an older pilot?

You will only be able to share waypoint and route data between the pilot and Axiom Pro, when initiating track on the Axiom Pro you will need to activate it on the pilot control head. As long as the pilot accepts the NMEA0183 sentences.

I attach the NMEA cable configuration, you will need to coonect NMEA out from the Axiom Pro to the NMEA in on the pilot (please refer to your pilot handbook for this). All set to 4800 baud rate.

Many Thanks
Is there a cable that does that.If so,where would I purchase one.As I recall,the back of the AP20 has a 5 or 6 pin female plug on the back of the unit.
Dear johnny,

Thank you for your post. I am unaware of a cable specifically for this.

It is standard to join the necessary bare ended NMEA cable to other products, there would be too many combinations of pre-made cables I would imagine.

You need to refer to the pilot manual for the correct connections on that side.

Many Thanks
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