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Just a quick question, seems like I cannot find a definite answer anywhere:

If I add two Axiom 9 MFDs to a boat and one of them is an RV model (The kit with RV-100 transducer) does the other one have to be an RV model too to show the RV sonar? Or can the non-RV model display the same data as long as the RV model is connected to the same network and online?

The purpose is to install them next to each other and use them to variably display charts, sonar and radar data depending on the current need. I wouldn't want to be stuck displaying the RV sonar data only on the RV model.

There happens to be combo offers of the RV model + RV-100 transducer and a non-RV model and the radar available, so I was planning to get these combos if the non-RV model is suitable for the purpose. In addition there will be an NMEA2000 connected VHF radio with receiving AIS and later a transmitting AIS device.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum stnz,

Axiom/Axiom Pro/Axiom XL MFDs are designed to share all system resources. As such, only one MFD need have internal RealVision sonar circuitry need be purchased; only one chart card need be present the system, etc.. The MFDs are designed to be interfaced to one another or to a HS5 RayNet Network Switch via an appropriate length of RayNet (F) to RayNet (F) Cable. As you have only identified two items within the system which have an Ethernet communications interface, no HS5 RayNet Network Switch should be required.
Great, thank you for the confirmation. :)

There will be more components later on, including AIS, VHF and radar which might be cable connected instead of WiFi so the switch will most likely be needed. Just needed the confirmation that it would be sufficient to purchase the RV Axiom + transducer and non-RV Axiom + radar combo offers and be able to use the RV sonar on both screens depending on the mission.

Q. ... and use the RV sonar on both screens depending on the mission.
A. Indeed, should these MFDs be interfaced to one another via an Ethernet (RayNet, SeaTalkhs) network then the MFDs will share all system resources, data, and features ... including RV sonar features.
I have a similar problem.

Axiom 7 networked to an axiom 12 pro, fitted with 3d sonar.

The 12 works as intended, displaying sonar information.

The 7 shows the sonar page, with all the options for type of display, with the colour bars for depth, but no sonar information at all.

Everything else on both MFD's is correct.

Any ideas ?
Hi Yachtmed,

If you have the Axiom Pro 12 and the Axiom 7 connected via a RayNet cable they will share the same sonar data, however the MFD that is set as master (I presume the Axiom Pro 12) must be turned on for this to occur.

To comment further we need more information on exactly how the system is configured.

Happy boating and kind regards
Hi Jules,

Yes these are networked. With no switch.

Axiom 12 pro
Axiom 7
Quantum 2 radar.
RV 200 sonar head.

Axiom 12 turned on, RV200 connected sonar display correct (another problem, coming to that)
Axiom 7 correctly displays, chart, radar but the sonar page shows the depth bars etc, just no sonar information.

I have screenshots of devices, serial numbers & sonar pages.

Today, the axiom 12 sonar page shows line, drifting across the screen as the boat moves in the dock, topped with 3d red squares with crosses on each face.

No info about that in the manuals.

HI Yachtmed,

The extra information you've supplied is an improvement, but the screenshots and detailed explanations next to them would be even more helpful.

If the Axiom 7 is displaying depth range lines and no actual sonar graphical information you may need to see if the correct transducer is selected.

If the Axiom 12 is not showing a sonar graphical image them perhaps the issue may be common to both displays.

Please understand that we can't see what you're seeing so the questions you ask need to be very descriptive in order for us to be able to clearly visualize what you're seeing.

Happy boating and kind regards
Hi Yachtmed,

I would first recommend updating the software version to V3.11.42. It can be found here,

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