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Full Version: [CA11] Update network Ray70 vhf from Axiom faied
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I recently installed a new Axiom Pro RVX MFD. connected all the network stuff, the axiom sees everything and it all seems to talk to each other ok. I downloaded the latest updates to an sd card to do updates, put it in turned it on. It told me which things needed to be updated and started updating. Ray 70 failed, ray 60 worked, P70 worked, acu200 failed. turned everything off then back on and tried again it said everything is up to date except the ray70. tried to update it again screen on the ray70 went blank but it did not reboot. Axiom said the update failed. after I acknowledged that message the radio rebooted. tried a couple of times.

could it need a bootloader update or could it be a corrupted update file?

Thank you in advance
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Offshore,

The VHF radios are updated in a slightly different manner than are other SeaTalkng / NMEA 2000 devices. Please note that the software update files required are included within the downloaded compressed folder for the Axiom software update. However, as indicated on the Ray70's software update web page/url], AXIOM and a/c/e/eS/gS Download - Do not copy Bootcode and Application ".ISO" files onto the same software card. The MFD cannot install Bootcode and Application .ISO files at the same time. The Bootloader must be loaded into the Radio before the Application. If a 2nd Station Handset is installed, it must also be upgraded.

Please click [url=https://youtu.be/EEVzvLyyFYU]here
to view an instructional video addressing how to update the radio's software.
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