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Full Version: [CA11] GPX export format
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I exported my tracks from a Raymarine Axiom Pro with the latest Lighthouse software.

Why the gpx file does not contain a time stamp, but instead has a water tem and depth?

Is it possible to record a time stamp as well?

<trkpt lon="18.43134499154985" lat="-33.88281164967999">
<trkpt lon="18.428200
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum b4a,

Thanks for the product feedback. Raymarine has not historically date/time stamped trackpoints. That said, this subject does come up from time to time in conjunction with a blue force or search & rescue inquiry concerning a track stored within the memory of a customer's MFD. A feature request will be logged to consider addition of date/time stamped trackpoints within a future LightHouse 3 software update as well as within the software of future chartplotting products.

Please click here for more information concerning product and feature suggestions.

A good starting point would be the gpx export format from Navionics:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?><gpx xmlns="http://www.topografix.com/GPX/1/1" version="1.1" creator="Navionics Boating App"><metadata><link href="http://www.navionics.com" /></metadata><trk><name>Marina Jacare Village</name><trkseg><trkpt lat="-7.035451" lon="-34.855103"><ele>11</ele><time>2019-08-22T13:14:09.151Z</time><extensions><navionics_speed>0.200</navionics_speed><navionics_haccuracy>10</navionics_haccuracy><navionics_vaccuracy>16</navionics_vaccuracy></extensions></trkpt>

I hope this feature request can be given High Priority since it is also about safety.
You're welcome.
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