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Full Version: [CA11] T120 masthead transducer
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Hi, I need to get a spare base for my masthead transducer. The plastic piece into which the rod goes into, the one that’s bolts down with 3 bolts to the mounting surface. How can I order that part?
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The part number for the T120 masthead transducer block is TA121.

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing how one may purchase / order parts for Raymarine products.
Thank you for that part number! I’ve looked at most online retailers and some say discontinued and some have no stock. Is it something I can order direct from raymarine?

Q. Is it something I can order direct from raymarine?
A. It would truly surprise me that a dealer stocked this part. However, as indicated within the reference FAQ, the part should be capable of being ordered from any authorized Raymarine dealer as well as from Raymarine / FLIR Order Services (see the previously referenced FAQ).
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