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Full Version: [CA11] Quantum Radar not Rotating
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Quantum Wireless Radar T70166. Installed new in July 2017. It seemed to be working fine, however hardly needed to use it except for occasionally having it on to get used to the display.
Last summer we were in thick fog, and of course it failed. First it would not turn on. I had to turn the power off and on a couple of times to get it to respond. But then I got the message that it would not rotate.
I tried this week, testing all equipment on the boat, and it the radar did turn on, and connect, (using WiFi connection), but again the message, "Radar not turning".
Is this a problem with the unit itself. Does it need lubrication ? Whey wouldn't it rotate ?

Does it need to be removed and taken in or is there something that can be done while in place ?

Any suggestions please.... Thanks
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Larry,

It is recommended that the power and ground leads of the Quantum Power Cable be inspected ensure that they are free of corrosion, that the jaws of any connectors are clamping onto the wire of each lead rather than the wire's insulation, and that the connections are tight. If so, and the problem persists with a fully charged battery bank, then it would appear that the Quantum radome has suffered a failure necessitating that it be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced.
Though not addressing the problem, it is generally best practice to use your radar when out on the water, even in good weather/visibility. This serves three purposes:
1) It allows you to become familiar with the system so that you do not have to think thru on how to use it in bad conditions. It allows you to develop an understanding of what the screen is showing with the visible world.
2) you are constantly testing if the radar works. Less likely to be surprised when conditions turn bad.
3) The "Rules of the Road" require that you always maintain a proper lookout. The radar assists you with this task.

Sorry for adding this comment in this forum, but it seemed like a good opportunity to enhance boating safety.

Great advice. Thanks for the additional comments.
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