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Full Version: [CA11] Ray54
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Hello. I have a functioning Ray54 in my 2007 Pursuit. The microphone is pretty shot, wiring falling apart. Is there a replacement part for just the microphone? Thank you,
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum aldotuna,

Unfortunately, parts and service are no longer available for the Ray54. If seeking a Raymarine VHF radio to replace the Ray54, then the Ray53 Compact VHF Radio with built-in GPS would provide equivalent features. If seeking a VHF radio which would support the addition of a second station, then the Ray63 VHF Radio with built-in GPS would be recommended.
OK, THANK YOU for your quick response and suggestions.
You're welcome.
Hi Chuck or Forum..... Will I be able to put the Ray53 in my console where the 54 was? I see the 53 is compact, will there be some way to mount in replace of the 54??

Thanks in advance.....Al
Hello Al,

The Ray 54 has a 5.9"H x 2.4"W cutout.
The Ray 53 has a 5.6"H x 2.3"W cutout.

you should be able to fit it into the existing cutout with little or no modification.
thanks for your quick response Chris.
Your welcome,
Hi Guys, so I got my new Ray53 and all ready to de-install the 54 and install the 53 when I noticed that the GPS connectors are not the same. Apparently the Antennae are not compatible - is there an adapter or do I need a new Antennae too?

thanks, Al
Hi Al,

The wires and interfacing for the Ray 53 will have differences. There is no adapter. Please see the installation guide for the Ray53 located on our website here, https://www.raymarine.com/service-and-su...documents/
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