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Full Version: [TG11] Showing Manual Sonar Frequencies
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This is a 2 part feature.
With the Axiom Pro, combined with a CP570, with a dual frequeny range transducer, is there a way to show a selected frequency which we can manually adjust to show on the screen rather than it showing 50/200kHz.
Example, if I select 88kHz, can it be shown on the sonar screen somewhere so I know I selected that frequency rather than a ballpark guess on the users end..
Second part;
Can there be a way were we can also store up to 10 selected manually keyed in frequencies in the menu settings. Hit a key were it would say stored frequency, and then our selected frequency.
Hello Fish On,

Our systems don't show what specific frequency you're operating on, when you do a manual frequency adjustment like this. I believe that the adjustment is a percentage of offset between the centre end upper or lower limit of your transducer's supported frequency range (so, for example, the B265LM supports 85-135kHz in the Medium band, so -50% offset would be 85kHz, +25% would be ~122kHz). I say 'believe' though because this isn't something we recommend or encourage and so don't spend a lot of time looking at this capability.

CP570 and Axiom Pro RVX are both Chirp fishfinders, and do their best job when allowed to use their advanced Chirp signal processing to enhance detail and target separation, improve resolution, increase pulse-lengths and therefore transmit more power into the water, and reject noise. By setting your sounder to 50, 200kHz or any other manual frequency you are turning off all of that advanced signal processing capability and turning your CP570 into a something very close to a CP370.

The CP570 will produce its best results and clearest images in all-Auto sensitivity setup, in Low/Medium/High Chirp band.

To answer your last question, yes, you can set up multiple different fishfinder channel presets with different configuration (we just wouldn't recommend that that configuration included non-Chirp frequency setup.) The way that you do this is:
  1. Create a new Fishfinder page shortcut on the Home screen for each different fishfinder setup that you want to use. Name them something appropriate, e.g. Deep-dropping, Trolling. Each page shortcut operates and is configured independently, so you need different page shortcuts to achieve different saved setups.
  2. Go into each of these page shortcuts in turn and configure it as you wish for that fishing scenario. If you want to use a particular sounder channel (e.g. Low Chirp) in more than one of these page shortcuts, go to Menu > All Channels and press the three dots next to the channel in question, which will pop up a little context-menu: choose Copy Channel. Name the channel something appropriate (e.g. 'Med-Chirp 50m') and then select that channel for that specific page shortcut. Don't re-use the same channels between different page shortcuts, otherwise when you change one it will also change any other page that also uses that channel.
  3. Remember to exit to the home-screen and select the correct page shortcut whenever you want to do a different kind of fishing, rather than continually changing settings or channels on a single fishfinder page.

Ok understood on the auto. I know with pelagic fishing; (Blue fin tuna etc...)
Recommended frequency of 88kHz. Will give it a shot this year trying one screen set to auto, and other screen on a preset frequency.
Personally, I think that that recommendation of 88kHz comes from the days before Chirp (Medium Chirp will include 88kHz of course), but I'll be interested to hear what your results are.

Will do and will report back.
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