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My system comprises p70s / EVO100 / ACU / ST4000+ wheelpilot all on STng interfaced through an ITC-5 to ST60 (Wind/Speed/Depth), AIS250 and C80 Classic with GPS data provided by a Raystar125. My DSC VHF and NAVTEX receive position information through NMEA0183. Everything seems to be working correctly. I am looking to upgrade the system and my priorities are an AIS700 this year and Axiom9 MFD next year.

Concerning the AIS700 installation I have a couple of questions.

1. Will the AIS700 dedicated GPS antenna completely replace the existing Raystar125 which can then be removed?

2. The C80 will then receive GPS data via the NMEA 38.4 BAUD output on the AIS700?

3. The VHF and NAVTEX will receive position data via the NMEA 4.8BAUD output from the AIS700?

Dear GreyNomad,

Thank you for your post.

The AIS700 will only output the GPS data over the 4800 baud rate. As you currently have a systems dedicated RS125 as GPS source, I would keep this in your network. Then if it ever fails you can use the AIS GPS as a back up.

I would not rely on my AIS700 GPS for my systems if there is a dedicated one in place.

Many Thanks
Thank-you Louise! I had hoped I might declutter the stern rail a little.
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