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Full Version: [CA11] Data selection not possible
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Why can't I see my 130 GPS antenna anymore? I get this error. Looks like MAC address issue??? All this started after updating to v19 software. Can't seem to get the Ray 130 antenna and radar to update also. The keep timing out. I guess next step is to remove everyhting from the backbone and try one at a time? Chuck looking forward to hearing your info on the error and best course of action to resolve.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum ocgrant,

Regarding the radar software update. Please note that there are end user radar software updates for any models of open array radar pedestals and radomes except for Magnum and Quantum / Quantum 2 respectively. Accordingly, you should not attempt to update the software within your 4KW HD open array pedestal.

Rest assured that LightHouse II v19.03 software is indeed compatible with the Raystar 130 GPS Sensor. It is first recommended that you use the Select Device list feature of LightHouse II and then double click on the Raystar 130 GPS Sensor from within the displayed list doing so will list its details. Should the boot code version for your Raystar 130 GPS Sensor be listed as v1.14, then the GPS Sensor's boot code will need to be updated to v1.15 before its application software can be updated to v3.03. Both the boot code and application code software downloads may be found on the Raystar 130 GPS Sensor Software Update web page. The microSD card should initially be populated with the boot code .iso file for the Raystar 130 GPS Sensor. After installing the boot code for the Raystar 130 GPS Sensor, then the microSD card's contents should be erased, and then the microSD card may then be populated with the v3.30 software update .iso file.

Should the Data Source Selection problem persist thereafter, then please list the makes & models each device which has been installed within your marine electronics system.
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