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Full Version: [CA11] Axiom pro/rv312
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Hello I just finished my upgrade and am having a problem with the fish finder function in the axiom pro rvx paired with RV 312 transducers, I tried to calibrate but still no legible screen also no depth or temp not sure what I could be missing any thoughts ?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Jarmstrong,

Please be certain that the MFD has been updated with LightHouse 3 v3.11.42 or later software and that a Power ON Factory Reset was performed afterwards. If so, then please ensure that the vessel located in the water and that the depth of the water is at least 3' beneath that of transducers. If so, then Sonar channel should be selected from within the Fishfinder application. The MFD's Fishfinder application should be overlaid with the Depth data item by default. Additional data items, including the Water Temp data item, may be layered upon application pages. Details concerning how to add or modify the data items which are overlaid atop the page may be found within Chapter 3.3 Data overlays of the LightHouse 3.11 Advanced Operation Instructions.
Thank You Chuck.
Yes the software is current and I just preformed a power on factory reset not so easy for me to get it in 3 feet of water as I live inland but with the temp display on screen wouldn’t it show a temp out of water and also If I briefly enabled all sounders wouldn’t I be able to hear or feel the transducers pinging ?

Q1. not so easy for me to get it in 3 feet of water as I live inland
A1. Noted. I wouldn't expect the system to produce any meaningful plot or even plot a bottom if the vessel was out of the water or in water having a depth of less than 3' beneath the transducers.

Q2. but with the temp display on screen wouldn’t it show a temp out of water
A2. Indeed this is possible, but you will first need to configure the page to be overlayed with the Water Temperature data item per my initial response. After doing so, you should find that it is populated with data (i.e. not reported as -.-).

Q3. If I briefly enabled all sounders wouldn’t I be able to hear or feel the transducers pinging ?
A3. Unlike 600W, 1kW, or 2kW transducers, the power output from RealVision transducers, DownVision transducer, and CPT-S transducers is low enough that it may not typically be heard or felt by fingers placed on the face of the transducer.
This is what I got when I did the overlay kind of hard to see but that is on a sonar screen and I did try to listen with a stethoscope with no results. I was at the coast when I tried the transducers not in my driveway. I believe I did the temp overlay correctly.

The Water (Temperature) data overlay has been properly configured as shown within your image. The system need only be interfaced to the RV312 transducer to then permit the Water (Temperature) data item to be populated. As far as plotting a bottom is concerned, it would not be recommended that the 3D sonar channel be used until the boat is in 10-15 feet of water having some structure which may in turn be used to practice with the RealVision channel. Within depths below this, the DownVision or Sonar channel should be relied upon to determine water depth. Should these channels have been used and the water depth have been greater than 3' beneath the transducer, then the may be something wrong with the transducers, the transducer cables, or the MFD itself. To rule out the possibility of another device with the system may be responsible for , please indicate the makes and models of any other devices which the Axiom Pro MFD has been interfaced to ... including other transducers.
not sure how to interface the rv312 transducers ?
I can take the boat to a lake this weekend to test in 10 to 15 feet of water if necessary .Other items just installed that seem to work perfectly
RD418HD E92142 0892031
Ev-1 course computer E70096 0681381
ACU200 E70099 0480103
P70RS control head E70329 0580363
AIS700 E70476 0190270
Standard horizon gx1800gps hooked to nema 0183 for gps and dsc.

Q. not sure how to interface the rv312 transducers ?
A. I'm a bit perplexed about this statement / question. While it appears that you have purchased and installed an Axiom Pro RVX MFD, I must make it clear that RealVision transducers cannot be interfaced to an Axiom Pro S MFD. Should an Axiom Pro RVX MFD (model not specified within this thread) have been installed, one would find that it features a 1kW fishfinder transducer socket as well as a RealVision fishfinder transducer socket. Axiom Pro S MFDs feature a single fishfinder transducer socket. Tilted Element RealVision fishfinder transducers must be installed as a starboard and port pair. Failure to install both Tilted Element RealVision fishfinder transducers will prevent the system from properly using the transducers. Tilted Element RealVision fishfinder transducer sets are packaged with a Y-Cable which must be used to join the Tilted Element RealVision fishfinder transducers to one another. A RealVision fishfinder Transducer Extension Cable will then be used to interface the Y-Cable to the Axiom Pro RVX MFD's RealVision transducer socket. Be certain that all locking rings of the transducers, Y-Cable, and extension have been installed and have been rotated into the locked position.

Should you have interfaced the Tilted Element RealVision fishfinder transducers to the Axiom Pro MFD in the manner that I have specified within this response, then please go back to my earlier post regarding software. Don't assume that a recently purchased MFD will automatically have the latest software installed within its memory. The currently installed version of software may be determined via the command sequence HOME->SETTINGS. Also as indicated, following the v3.11.42 software update, the aforementioned Power ON Factory Reset (see link within my earlier post for instructions regarding how to perform this type of reset) should be performed.

Should all of the above have been performed, then as indicated the fault may reside within the transducers or the MFD itself. Should the RV transducers not be recognized by the MFD's sounder circuitry, then the Fishfinder application will display NO TRANSDUCER DETECTED. However, should the RV transducers be recognized by the MFD's sounder circuitry, then the bottom portion of the Fishfinder application's MENU will list 3D VISION, SONAR, SIDEVISION, and DOWNVISION channels. As indicated previously, when operating in shallow water and seeking to track bottom, the DownVision or Sonar channel would typically be recommended to be viewed. Either of these applications should produce a plot ... even out of the water. The plot may not be meaningful, may be nothing more than a succession of spaced lines, but one should be produced. Should the system be unable acquired bottom and report a value for depth, then the range scale will be seen to change as well as the sounder adjusts for new depth ranges in an attempt to find the bottom.

The power output of RV transducers is too low to be heard ... even with the aid of a stethoscope.
Chuck thank you for your patience and help I believe I have it figured out and will take it to a lake to confirm.
You're welcome.
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