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Full Version: [CA11] I40 wind question
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I have a quick question on an issue I have run into. I installed the Z195 masthead sensor a while back. I just got around to installing the instrument yesterday and powered it up. Everything looked good....except the wind direction is reading 180 degrees off. When I got home last night I checked the manual and install directions to see if I installed the masthead 180 degrees off? I didn't see anything about mounting orientation in the manual. If that's not it, what could it be?

Thanks for your help!
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum RJ,

The Rotavecta wind transducer is typically recommended for powerboat applications rather than sailing applications. This recommendation is rooted in the inherently greater accuracy and ability to extend the wind vane transducer's cable. That said, the Rotavecta transducers are occasionally installed on sail boats where the performance / features of a wind vane transducer are not required.

With respect to the symptom reported, calibration of any wind transducer is required ... especially for Rotavecta transducers. Chapter 10.3: User calibration of the Chapter 4.3 ACU-100, ACU-150 connection of the i40 Instrument Installation and Operation Instructions details the actions required to properly calibrate the Rotavecta wind transducer. Has this calibration been performed?
That would have been good to know prior to purchase, I'll just have to make it work for a while. I did do the calibration, although I didn't have much confidence in it at the time. I will try it again.
Thank you for your help.

Most dealers are quite knowledgeable, especially those dealing in a single manufacturers product as their exposure is greater. Much as you are using this Forum now, support is available before and after a sale via this Forum and Raymarine's phone support (800.539.5539) should one find that their Raymarine dealer is unable to address their questions or concerns. Additionally, Raymarine product documentation for currently manufactured products as well as legacy products may be found on Raymarine's website.

With regard to wind angle, I suspect that this step may have been skipped ... as it is responsible for adjusting the reported wind angle. While steering directly into the wind, Step 14 of Chapter 10.3: User calibration is used to adjust the reported apparent wind angle to 0.
We did the calibrations again. I think the problem was in the step you pointed out. When we would get to the step of going head to wind it would beep at us prior to us getting there. We would then adjust the instrument to 0. We still didn't get the confirmation beeps at the end of the procedure but the wind angle appears to be correct.

I glad to learn of your success in this most recent calibration.
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