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Full Version: is the p70 control head compatible with a 400 course computer?
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I would like to install the p70 control head to replace my ST6000+ but am not sure if it is compatible. I read the forum message about compatibility with older course computers but it doesn't mention the 400 so I am not sure. Will I be able to install a p70 with this sytem?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum mraphael,

The p70 and p70R Autopilot Control Heads are indeed compatible with the Type 400 Autopilot Course Computers. As the course computer features a SeaTalk communications interface and the p70/p70R Autopilot Control Heads feature a SeaTalkng communications interface, a SeaTalk to SeaTalkng Converter which has been updated with the latest available Raymarine product software update.
Thanks for this good news. To be clear, would I use the D244 SeaTalk Junction Block and an A22164 Adapter Cable as advised in the frum message about older computers?

The method which you have described for replacing the ST6000+ with a p70/p70R Autopilot Control Head within our system is correct should the system not feature any other devices having a SeaTalkng communications interface.
Hello again - thanks for your help so far. To clarify a bit more, I have an e7 MFD, 2 i70s, and the ST6000+. The ST6000+ has two cables attached. I assume one comes from the course computer and the other goes out to the MFD? I would detach the cable from the course computer and attach that cable to the D244 and then use the new cable to connect to the p70. But what about the other cable currently attached to the ST6000+. Would I simply reconnect that one to the p70?
Thanks for further clarifying your system's marine electronics components. For the benefit of others who may be reading this thread, the solution to be supplied by this team is often dependent upon having a list of each of the system's marine electronics components ... and as such, the response provided previously is not valid. Given the list of equipment which you have supplied, the p70 Autopilot Control head should instead be interfaced as a spur to a powered and properly terminated SeaTalkng backbone to which the MFD, and i70 displays have also been interfaced as spurs. For closely located devices having SeaTalkng communications interfaces, up to three such devices may be daisy-chained to one another using appropriate lengths of SeaTalkng spur cable. The maximum total length of such daisy-chain SeaTalkng spurs cannot exceed 15 meters.

A SeaTalk to SeaTalkng Converter will be interfaced to this SeaTalkng backbone as a backbone component. The SeaTalk bus interfacing the Type 400 autopilot course computer and up to four additional devices featuring a SeaTalk communications interface will be interfaced to the yellow SeaTalk port of the SeaTalk to SeaTalkng Converter. When connecting the SeaTalk cable to the autopilot course computer's SeaTalk port, only the cable's yellow and shield leads will be used. The red lead of this cable will not be used and will be insulated to prevent shorting. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject.
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