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Full Version: Dragonfly powers on
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I just installed a Dragonfly 5 pro, why does the Dragonfly 5 power on when I turn on the battery isolator switch?

Also, I just did the chart (Navionics) software upgrade - so many files are now on the chip - which one do I select?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Brian,

The reported behavior will occur because Dragonfly displays are have a last power state memory feature. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject.
Chuck - The description in that FAQ is not what I find on my DF5Pro. At the end of a fishing outing, I typically erase temporary waypoints and tracks, then power down while still out on the water. My DF is installed on my kayak with no other electronics. When I get home, I unplug the battery completely from the circuit and charge it up. Then when preparing to leave on my next outing, I plug the battery back in, the DF automatically restarts - ALWAYS - even though it was manually powered down prior to disconnecting the battery. Kind of a nuisance having to remember to manually shut it off before driving away from home every time. Seems contrary to the behavior described in your FAQ. Is this normal?

While the original Dragonfly 6/7 display function as described within the previously referenced FAQ, the new Dragonfly 4/5/7 displays to not appear to presently support the last power state memory feature. A feature request will be logged to consider adding this feature to the Dragonfly 4/5/7 displays via a future Dragonfly software update.

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