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Full Version: [CA11] broken into on the hard
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My 2004 Meridian 408 was broken into on the hard.

Items taken, for the purpose of this thread, were:
Auto pilot controller (Raymarine ST6002)
GPS/Radar display (Raymarine RL 70C)
VHF radio (Raymarine, model unknown)

My insurance company says I need to get a pricing to replace the equipment with like equipment. I’m not sure what level of equipment the above electronics were in 2004. Does anyone know what they were and what would be the best …. fair replacement model?
I do not know how all this stuff works; are the 2004 electronics we were using so old that when replacing the auto pilot display and GPS/Radar display will we need to replace the GPS receiver, radar disk, the computer thing under the dash, any of the sensors in the bottom of the boat or the auto pilot steering mechanism?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Greg,

I'm sorry to learn of theft of your equipment. In order to suggest a replacement autopilot control head, it would be necessary to know the model of autopilot course computer (or at least be provided with a photograph of it). Regarding the RL70C Radar Display, please note that replacement of the display with a currently manufactured MFD would require replacement of the radar transducer and its cable. Additionally, did the display have a RayChart reader to permit the display to function as a chartplotter. Finally, are there any similar looking displays onboard the boat which may have been interfaced to the RL70C display? If so, then you will additionally need a chart card for the waters where the vessel will be operated.

Regarding the VHF radio,
- did it have a second station
- did it have loud hailer capability

Should you be unable to answer these questions, then you may want to seek brief assistance from a Certified Raymarine Installer in your area to obtain this information. The Certified Raymarine Installer may also be tasked with providing a quote for like replacements with currently manufactured Raymarine products ... to include labor.
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